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I am a social entrepreneur and have been a trainer and educator for over 20 years. I believe that sharing knowledge is incredibly important and a big part of how we develop great communities and make change happen. I also believe that your knowledge has value that you deserve to be rewarded for. I joined tekmatix as one of the founding members in 2022 and from day one I loved it.

Bringing together so many apps into one place just makes sense but I know all that tech might not be your thing so I am here to help you out. I have built up my knowledge in Tekmatix to support my own business helping people understand more about neurodiversity – from creating websites & funnels for my shop or a customer survey for market research to setting up client training programmes for staff development.
Here are some of the things I can help you with (and there is probably more)

● Setting up your account
● Planning your customer journey
● Fixing up your funnels
● Connecting domains
● Creating websites
● Setting up your courses
● Creating your offers
● Creating a lead magnet
● Automated workflows
● Setting up calendars
● Social media
● Creating graphics for your media library
● Accountability coaching
● Video creation


Book a 15 minute call with me here (yep, it’s my tekmatix calendar!)

Or book an hour with me here £99

And if tech really isn’t your thing talk to me about my Done For Your Service – don’t let the tech stop you from sharing1 Column your knowledge with the world.