Who’s Behind TekMatix?

TekMatix is operated by an experienced and dedicated team of ed-tech, IT and business professionals who have YOUR success at the heart of everything we do.
We love business.
We love tech.
We love education.
And we love love love helping YOU succeed.

Meet The TekMatix Founder & CEO, Sarah Cordiner

Award-winning entrepreneur and mum-of-two, Sarah Cordiner, is the driving force behind TekMatix, the all-in-one CRM, marketing and course creation platform that has taken on Silicon Valley giants with its unparalleled features and multiple-award winning customer support..

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Named ‘Female Entrepreneur of The Year 2023,’ among many other awards and accolades spanning more than 15 years in business, Sarah has a remarkable track record that underscores her dedication and expertise in education, course creation, technology, and business transformation.

A qualified Postgraduate Qualified Course Creation Specialist and Ed-Tech Consultant, Sarah boasts a staggering 280,000 student enrolments across 181 countries in her own online education programs – The Edupreneur Academy, which teaches course creators and experts how to create profitable education products, scale a global education-based business and become leaders in their fields.

As part of Sarah’s long history of creating and delivering education programs for corporates, registered training organisations, Governments and educational institutions, she also became a verified Expert on all of the top LMS and ed-tech business platforms, listed publicly as a specialist partner for IPO tech giants such as Thinkific and ActiveCampaign, and provided course and tech set-up services to entrepreneurs through to large corporates.


As Sarah continued to support business owners with their education-based business technology through her set-up services and training, she began to notice that many were struggling with the ever-increasing costs of their mounting tech subscriptions, and finding it harder and harder to tie all of their business tools together.

“Sarah! You should create your OWN platform!” her Edupreneur Academy members suggested.

And so, the process of founding TekMatix began.

But more about that later.

Sarah’s journey encompasses over 15 years of international business success, having built a 7-figure education and training services company that started originally in the UK in early 2009, then expanded into Europe in 2010, and finally now operates globally from her home in Australia alongside TekMatix, which she added to her business portfolio in 2022 and has already been valued as an 8-figure company in its first year of operation.

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with an 8-day-old baby, Sarah selflessly donated over $1.35 MILLION worth of places in her education programs to help small business owners transition online to save their livelihoods through diversification and digital business.

Notably recognised by the Huffington Post as one of “The Top 50 Must-Follow Female Entrepreneurs” Sarah’s course creation and ed-tech expertise has been acknowledged by Forbes and The Times Higher Education.

Sarah Cordiner; Internationally Acclaimed & Award-Winning Education & Ed-Tech Expert

  • ‘Female Entrepreneur of The Year 2023’ – Titan Business Awards
  • Australian Achiever Award 2023 – Training & Consultancy, Customer Service Excellence
  • Globee Information Technology Award – Gold Winner 2023
  • Corporate Excellence Award – Best Software for Businesses 2023
  • Qualified Course Course – PGCE Education & BA Hons Education
  • Founder and CEO of one of Australia’s fastest-growing tech companies
  • Over 280,000 students in 181 countries
  • 16 times published author and 5 times international number 1 best-selling author
  • Cited in Forbes
  • Founder of the Edupreneur Academy since 2015
  • Host of The Course Creators Podcast since 2014
  • Over 15 years of experience as an international business owner and leader in the education and training industry
  • Board Member of the Broome Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2017-2019
  • Host of the ‘Voice of Business’ weekly radio show on Spirit 102.9, aired across the Kimberley 2017-2018
  • TV host and content creator of ‘the Course Creators’ TV show on Bizversity
  • Listed as one of Huffington Post’s ‘Top 50 Must-Follow Female Entrepreneur’s​ 2017
  • Awarded the small business ‘Top Influential 100 Award’ in Perth two years in a row (2015 and 2016)
  • WA Finalist Award for both the ‘Young Business Woman of the Year’ and also the ‘Start-Up Business of the Year’ in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards (2015)
  • Semi-finalist of ‘WA Regional Achievement Awards’ for Curtin University’s ‘Teaching Excellence Award’ (2016)

Her standing as the Number 1 e-Learning Blog on ‘e-Learning Feeds’ and a 16-times published author (including 5 international best-sellers) further solidify her influence and industry authority in the ed-tech sector.

An education trailblazer in the corporate and academic sectors also, Sarah holds the distinction of being the youngest University “Executive Director and Head of Campus” in Australian history.

This made Sarah the most senior campus staff member of a university that was ranked number 1 in Australia during her leadership, situated in one of the most remote university campuses in the world.

She has also held State level senior management roles for the National Industry Skills Council, in Training Organisations, a National role as a Training Manager for the UK Government and numerous roles as a Workforce Development & Education Consultant for ASX and Fortune 500 companies, and has volunteered on numerous Boards.

Sarah has a very unique and mesmerising teaching and leadership style that radiates energy, passion and an infectious joy for business, tech and course creation.

It goes without any doubt to everyone who meets her how much she loves her vocation, her customers (who she remains highly accessible to), and helping people to reach their own unique business goals – and how much this love and passion is the eternal fuel behind her success.

Anyone using TekMatix, or working for TekMatix, is truly in the hands of a highly qualified, experienced,

Our Story

TekMatix was developed based on industry demand, industry engagement and research and our CEO’s experience of working with businesses on their tech, online business operations and course creation for more than a decade.

It was identified that businesses were required to use multiple individual pieces of technology to run their operations effectively, resulting in ever-mounting costs which was becoming prohibitive to many business owners.

Business owners were also struggling to learn how to use so many different tools, were becoming overwhelmed and therefore avoiding technology altogether.

We wanted to create a better tech and course creation solution that would allow businesses to create, market, sell, and manage all their business products and services from one place, reducing costs, eliminating tech challenges, making tech more user-friendly, allow businesses to diversify their offerings, reach a global market and increase their profitability.

We surveyed our existing client base of around 150,000 and our target audience through social media channels to gauge their feedback about what an all-in-one platform would look like in an ideal world. The overwhelmingly positive response supported our project to create a SaaS product that would be customised to service businesses globally – especially those who have the added elements of courses, coaching programs, memberships and education-based products, training and services.

The goal of TekMatix was to provide an all-in-one platform that had all of the tech features a business would need, making tech easier and more affordable.

Our objectives were to create a comprehensive SaaS product that would allow businesses to go global with their offerings, diversify their income streams, expand their market, and run more efficient and affordable business operations.


With so many technological advancements in recent years, with more open-sourced tools and plugins, white-labelled technology resources and open APIs to different tools, we determined that our main goal would be to develop this solution using a customised combination of existing tried, tested, reliable and established resources as our base, and interconnected via APIs and webhooks, that would all integrate to make a unique service product for businesses and course creators.

After surveying our audience regarding what their most in-demand and essential tech solutions and tools were, we tested numerous whitelabel SaaS platforms, open APIs, apps and developers that we would be able to integrate into our unique solution.

We engaged numerous tech specialists, web developers, coders and SaaS specialists to support the development which combined existing and newly developed elements to form TekMatix.

The next stage was to run tests and open a beta plan to our existing customers between September 2022-January 2023, which saw over 754 beta sign up in the first 24 hours!

We gathered feedback from our beta testers constantly and adjusted, iterated, improved and developed further on-the-go.

Finally, we moved into ‘standard’ operations from 1st February 2023 and continue to add new and improved features and updates based on continuously sought user feedback.

We have significant custom development upcoming having recently won a large sum of funding for continued tech development, so our users are going to see TekMatix become even more amazing than it already is!

The rapid growth of TekMatix is expected to strongly continue, as users surge its growth further by their 5 star reviews, ambassador-like word of mouth promotion and major marketing and advertising phases commence.

Our Team of Teksperts

At the heart of TekMatix’s success is a dedicated team of passionate professional tech experts (fondly referred to by our community as the ‘Teksperts’.

Led by CEO Sarah Cordiner, TekMatix has 24 hour support services, with a 17 second response time on live chat, round the clock.With a core in-house team who provide our clients with their free 60 minute set-up calls, Tek Support calls and migration services, TekMatix also has a team of over 60 external Help Desk staff who work on 24 hour rotations on the live chat support.
TekMatix customer support is with real humans, it is fast, and we get on zoom calls with you to help you out when you get stuck.This top quality, caring, and customer-success focused support has won TekMatix multiple awards for customer service and support already.

Sarah Cordiner, Founder &CEO

We have over 60 x Help Desk staff on our live chat support 24/7